Jail programs in May

All glories to Mahasimha Prabhu in Croatia and Mother Vikalotkarsini in Slovenia together with their team of devotees they organized and carried out 10 jail programs in 9 different prisons in May. As they come in we are posting the reports of the programs on our website holyjail.com

Mahasimha Prabhu is really fired up and is now arranging newer places in Croatia and some follow-up programs in the prisons already visited.

Some highlights:

Lepoglava Croatia- 24 inmates attended one was a regular visitor to the temple in Pula Croatia

IG Women Prison Slovenia. A rocking kirtan lead by Bhakta Tine had the ladies up and dancing inspired by none other than a prison guard who danced the whole time.

Devotees in Pula Croatia lead by Namacarya Prabhu and Mother Malati Mala and their team are holding regular monthly programs since last Oct. A few of the inmates are starting to become serious and are wanting japa beads.

In Karlovac Croatia, the 10 inmates who attended the program chanted at the top of their lungs to the powerful kirtan lead by His Grace Dasaratha Prabhu.

Many books were distributed. We will post the books and amounts distributed on the website.

Lord Caitanya Sankirtan movement is destined to reach all sectors of society.

All glories to the prison preachers!

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