June 21st we again visited Karlovac Croatia Jail

The program, this was, lead by Mohan Prabhu and Raghunatha Prabhu.

We started with singing the Maha mantra, then Mohan Prabhu introduced Vedic philosophy to the inmates, he began by explaining how to live properly in Kali yuga and explaining the proper understanding of our conditioned position in his world – as prisoners . Some inmates appeared really interested and eager to hear about Vedic wisdom.

At the close of the program we again chanted, and the inmates became so enlivened that they were also enthusiastically singing the maha mantra, very loudly. It was amazing experience of how the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is spreading all over the world.

This , my first visiting to a prison program- was amazing!

Can hardly wait for next program

Anuradha Dasi

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