11th Consecutive Pula prison program, 29th of August 2013

Srila Prabhupada’s Appearance Day

Two of us went to eleventh Pula Prison program : Nadiya Nimai das and Malati
Mala dasi . We waited outside in front of the prison gate because the guard didn’t have permission to let us inside the prison although we sent all required documents three weeks ago.
After half hour we finally entered. Five inmates came who come regularly to the programs.
We started with bhajan for 15 minutes .Then Malati Mala read from Bhagavad Gita verses starting with Bg 15.8.We talked for some time  about the topics: Leaving the body, Yamaraja, about food and good and bad karma.

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Jail Program / Lepoglava Croatia, August, 29th 2013

It is Srila Prabhupada’s Appearance Day, a great day to do service for Srila Prabhupada.I was alone at Lepoglava, the devotees could not accompany me.

Even though I arrived 15 minutes before the beginning of the program, I waited a long time for the guard to come to take me to where the program was to be held. Like last time, the guard could not find the key to a door. The program was delayed another 20 minutes

Seven anxious inmates were waiting for me and showed no approval for my being late. The guard left, insisting I was not allowed more than one hour.

Two of the inmates got up very shortly and excused themselves, saying that they had a doctor’s appointment. I invited them for the next program and said “Hare Krishna”. One of the inmates quickly responded: Hare Krishna! Continue reading