11th Consecutive Pula prison program, 29th of August 2013

Srila Prabhupada’s Appearance Day

Two of us went to eleventh Pula Prison program : Nadiya Nimai das and Malati
Mala dasi . We waited outside in front of the prison gate because the guard didn’t have permission to let us inside the prison although we sent all required documents three weeks ago.
After half hour we finally entered. Five inmates came who come regularly to the programs.
We started with bhajan for 15 minutes .Then Malati Mala read from Bhagavad Gita verses starting with Bg 15.8.We talked for some time  about the topics: Leaving the body, Yamaraja, about food and good and bad karma.

When we said how important is to read Bhagavad gita, our librarian friend said he will read the whole Gita when he gets out of prison. He said that a new inmate came in his room who has a friend who is a devotee, he was with him in the temple in Zagreb and took prasadam. Another inmate said that they heard when somebody dies, the body become little lighter because the soul left the body. One inmate was very sad because his parents are in the hospital and we said that we can pray together now. Two inmates talked all the time in “the last bench”. They just came to waste time. But three others listened very carefully. One of three inmates who took japa beads is out now and is living 30 kilometers from Pula. We will see if he will come to visit the temple.

Another one who worked in prison library is still one week more in prison. He is from Zagreb and he said he will visit the temple there. He also said he is thinking about so many things to buy and to do now but on the other hand he started to think if he really needs these things.

The guard came after an hour and closed the program. With hardy handshake, we said goodbye and Hare Krishna until next time

Eight of Srila Prabhupada’s books were left for the prison library.

Hare Krishna!

Your servants,
Nadiya Nimai Das and Malati Mala Dasi

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