Inmate Vyasa Puja Offering

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

All glories to Your Divine Grace! Please accept my highest respects and most humble prostrated obeisances in the transcendental dust which touches your soft and fragrant lotus feet.

Many years have passed since you first arrived in the West. It seems so much has changed. Not only here in the West but in all parts of the world. The conditions are worsening within this Iron Age of Kali. Many of us are growing even colder in conduct, much more emotionally disconnected, mentally disturbed and devoid of any desire to engage in loving devotional service to the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radhe-Syama.

This of course makes it more difficult to preach, to stay determined and faithfully dedicated in one’s practice of sadhana-bhakti. At least it does for those of us like myself, one who is still heavily conditioned. Thankfully your disciples and grand disciples are faithfully serving Your Divine Grace, and thus are inspiring us conditioned souls to also honestly and openly serve you by doing our part to further expand the sublime sankirtana movement of Sri Sri Gaurasundara-Nityananda Balaram.

Therefore, it is in these moments when things seem the darkest, however, that you unlimited causeless mercy shines the highest. For it is that as gold is only purified in the fire, as it is that our impurities are burned up in the fire of transcendental knowledge.

Srila Prabhupada, you have made so many sacrifices, endured so many hardships and faced so many challenges in your timeless merciful efforts to give transcendental knowledge to all of us prisoners in this created material world.

In the early days, before you ever came to America, you made many sacrifices and struggled alone to publish and distribute your fortnightly Back To Godhead magazine. At one point, in 1956, you were even gored by a bull while canvassing the streets of New Delhi. In 1965, sailing to America aboard the Jaladuta, you suffered heart attacks. Still, fully depending on Lord Sri Krsna, you did not give up. Arriving in America, alone and penniless, you courageously continued to ever faithfully serve your beloved Guru Maharaja. Only one year later, in 1966, you founded the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

This fallen soul remembers your transcendental earthly pastimes. And in doing so receives immense inspiration from Your Divine Grace. Srila Prabhupada, indeed, there is a strengthening of my decision, my desire, to faithfully serve your disciples and grand disciples with my very life.

The darkness of this Age, it is insignificant really. The clouds of conditional life, they can never truly cover the glorious ways of the sun and moon. In this world of duality, following your exemplary example, we also must tolerate without being disturbed. Where is the difficulty? When we faithfully follow your transcendental instructions, there will be only success on the spiritual platform.

As gold is purified by the intense heat of fire, so too we are tried, tested, and purified by the intense heat of battle. Which is to say, I know to properly express our appreciation for what you have done, what you have given to us, Srila Prabhupada, you tell us to fearlessly preach with purity of heart and mind.

Bhakti, it is both the means and ultimate goal. It is the eternal function of the soul. The essence of our very existence.

Here is this fallen soul in such a wretched condition, deeply appreciating your mercy which is ever flowing in strong currents of Krsna-Prema. Eternally indebted and genuinely grateful, the preaching working is going on. Your dedicated disciples and grand disciples, and even great grand disciples, in the parampara are bright beacons of transcendental knowledge. Truly beautiful and even merciful. Day and night they are indeed serving Your Divine Grace; giving all of us prisoners spiritual light and sight to see the eternal reality.

Chanting the glories of Sri Hari-nama in every town and village. Chanting also along the way “All glories to your Divine Grace”.

Ki Jai Srila Prabhupada! Jai! Jai!

An aspiring servant of the servant of the servant,

Jason Matthews

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