Poetry from an inmate

By Bhakta Jason Matthews

Alone in a prison cell, I pray
for pure devotion to Krsna, night and day.
Purification of heart and mind
three gunas no longer to bind.

Distractions of material desire
burning like a raging fire.
Chanting Sri Hari-nama always
the flames will die out, now doth blaze.

Have faith and always chant Krsna’s holy name
about material life, no longer feeling the same.

Detachment, in the heart bhakti begins to flourish
engaging in devotional service, love of God to nourish.

It is truly sublime and even sweet
to meditate on Krsna’s soft and fragrant lotus feet.

How fortunate are those jivas comprising transcendental dust
joyfully serving Govinda, free of any tinge of lust.

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