Croatia: Lepoglava 9th of September 2013

Lepoglava, again. Already feeling at home, hereJ Too used to being in the bigger prison of material world, therefore not overly agitated by the atmosphere of the smaller prison (because of knowing that we will soon be out, of course. Out of both of them!).

Actually this prison preaching is really rewarding: one hears first class philosophy in very conducive atmosphere. This, 5th time in Lepoglava, 7 inmates showed up and during the talk Candramauli swami was giving all their attention was on his words, fully and completely. He was explaining about smaller and bigger prison and our need to find a way out of the real prison, material world. They drank every word, as well as the 4 of us: Ayodya deva who at the begining sang the bhajans, Dharmavatsalah, who organized everything, Kisor Krishna who played the drum and myself, the translator.

Learning about the transmigration of the soul in many varieties of the forms in all the parts of the universe, and about the process by which this unsatisfactory journey can be brought to the final end, by coming in contact wth God in His form of the holy name, Njegomir, an interesting character I already had gotten to know through his letters, wanted to know what are the chances of an ordinary person to succeed. Maharaja convinced him that no effort goes in vain since in the next life one starts from the point reached in the previous. He further urged them all to decide not to look for the happiness in the material sphere any more, therefore gathering neccessary determination to quckly proceed further on the path to the real freeedom.

One of them noticed that it is very difficult to chant in the room full of people not interested in the same thing and opted for silent chanting. Maharaja encouraged him, explaining about the three ways of chanting, one of them, the most demanding, being manas japa, chanting in the mind. Someone was curious about our robes and got to know that that is a way of dressing in the spiritual world, another one, while reading our books noticed famous 4th regulative principle, and expressed his experience with different type of meditatition, which had made him completely oblivious to material pleasures, therefore acknowledging that it is actually possible to follow „no illicit sex“ principle. Maharaja noticed his inclination to preach to others and encouraged him to continue…

Hour and a half passed in the blinking of an eye, and guard warned us it was time to go. Inmates wanted to talk more, Marko secretly asked for japa to be sent to him (looks like Mahasimha has done it), Njegomir wanted to thank Mahasimha on the explanations in the letters, Andrea was there as always and his senior friend who continues to enthusiastically participate in our meetings in spite of his not liking Srila Prabhupada’s comments (looks he is reading them, thoughJ) and any authority at all. Two inmates came for the first time, dozen books were distributed and everybody seemed eager to continue as soon as possible, including us.

Vinata dd

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