Program/ Lepoglava Penitentiary, Croatia Wednesday Oct. 30 2013

Attendance: 10 inmates + 1 guard

Shortly after an unexpected and very serious surgery, our main man, Mahasimha Prabhu, the organizer, was back in his seva, (devotees ardently prayed for his well-being) therefore we got the chance for another program in Lepoglava, ,the Croatian- Mecca of prison preaching. With joy and zest I was prepared for another encounter with the inmates. Mahatma Prabhu drove us to the prison on time, but the guards were late as usual. To our surprise this time they took us to a lot smaller room but it turned out to be our Krishna’s mercy as the arrangement brought us closer to one another.

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Dennis Law — Favorite Essay


My favourite essay speech craft lecture I often have told at the Toastmasters International Assembly speaking engagements is the transformative story I tell of a person misunderstood to be the exact opposite of who he really is in throwing the “mocking bird” out with the bath water in truth.

The story begins with myself as I am standing on the perimeter roadside of the passing traffic on a busy roadway near a cliff ledge, where an avalanche has taken the roadway all the way down the very steep high cliff mountainous deep valley.

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Program / Remand Prison Varaždin, Croatia Tue. Oct.1st 2013

Three of us planned a visit to a prison in Varaždin but our plans were not Krishna’s. The devotee who was elected to give a lecture said the day before that he won’t be able to come. The other simply didn’t show up later I found out he had forgotten to come. I surprised the guard entering the prison alone, hoping that my forenoon preparation for the lecture for the inmates will do the job.

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