Program / Remand Prison Varaždin, Croatia Tue. Oct.1st 2013

Three of us planned a visit to a prison in Varaždin but our plans were not Krishna’s. The devotee who was elected to give a lecture said the day before that he won’t be able to come. The other simply didn’t show up later I found out he had forgotten to come. I surprised the guard entering the prison alone, hoping that my forenoon preparation for the lecture for the inmates will do the job.

Five inmates attended the program, one looked very familiar. It turned out that he had previously attended our program in Lepoglava penitentiary. I began with an short introduction followed by bhajans I then told the story of Ajamila. Focusing on the important lessons from the story: death, changing the body, value of human life, Dharma of human beings, following God’s law, repentance, Vaisnava association and the importance of singing the Holy Name-these topics did catcht their attention but didn’t seem to provoke much response. Except the ex-Lepoglava inmate who had a strong desire to tell us how he was shot five times, getting one bullet each time but managed to stay alive. I tried to divert his attention back to the lesson but it very difficult.. By Krishna’s mercy somehow I successfully linked his talk with the points from the lecture and the inmates listened attentively. What really worked were the bhajans at the closing which visibly touched the hearts of mostly all.

Hare Krishna

Your servant  Dharma-vatsalah Das

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