Dennis Law — Favorite Essay


My favourite essay speech craft lecture I often have told at the Toastmasters International Assembly speaking engagements is the transformative story I tell of a person misunderstood to be the exact opposite of who he really is in throwing the “mocking bird” out with the bath water in truth.

The story begins with myself as I am standing on the perimeter roadside of the passing traffic on a busy roadway near a cliff ledge, where an avalanche has taken the roadway all the way down the very steep high cliff mountainous deep valley.

The roadside has all avalanched and caved in on a dangerous turn in the roadway!

I am a motorist in the story who has unbeknownst, unexpectedly drove right over the embankment, due to the landslide accident, and barely survived the crash, all the way down in my vehicle!

By the good “chance” encounter of fate and destiny. I was able to climb, although severely injured in the accident all the way back up the collapsed cliff landslide, after landing upside down in my vehicle and in a large tree!

Only after much greatly painful suffering and obvious struggle was I able to be successful, after my car crashed and was only stopped by a gigantic tree, which literally reached out its branches and limbs with soft twigs and leaves, which caught me, after my own car, literally, threw me out of the window like a good well wishing friend, directly into the “nest” foliage of the enormous tree, which being obliged, caught me and my tumbling vehicle in its upper arms!

Landing safely in the stretched out arms of the kind tree, who must have been extremely tolerant and patient to stand in rain-stormy weather and freezing cold for so long a life, cradled me and my car as if we were twin baby elephants or a baby turtle who I felt I only required to withdraw my long neck within my turtle shell for protection from all harm.

In reality, after the shock value and horror of my fall, maybe I only closed my eyes? Try to understand. I believe it’s possible that maybe I was experiencing some flashbacks from my life, due to the misfortunate accident and thereby seeing things with a grain of salt added to “spice up the flavor of what really happened.

Also the trees I saw, which did very well indeed to reach out their limbs and branches and catch me and my car were doing so, due to the scientific fact that I was traumatized and thus, “left” my present circumstances and experienced an adrenaline rush of muscle type energy and newfound strength to see that the trees in my “survival mode” as moving in 3d slow motion picture frames, as we all are aware trees and plants do move and grow very slowly slowly and reach out and grab toward the sun source of their energy and entwine themselves, even around larger plants and trees, as creepers as vines to climb higher and higher due to the sunshine?

So they, as creepers move very slowly they wish to escape the cold undergrowth of the deep forest meadow glens and thickets to kiss and bask in the warmth of the sunshine rays.


In this light please draw back the curtains for a moment and notice my promise. Even given all good advice and information, due to prominent universal law and phenomenon of which I am specifically pointing out, here in these pages, only but a few rare individuals will be able to evaluate and absorb and translate these lessons of eternal worthwhile reality, above the director’s full authority in setting the stage, choosing the actors for his dramatic performances and personally writing the original script everyone must follow as puppets on a string having no individual freedom of personal expression except outside of the directors current stage play or movie production.

Now that we have set the stage, prepare to be rocked on your theological stilts! I mean to suggest, please place me as if in your shoes or as they say: place yourself in my shoes and the driver’s seats of the motorists I’m facing as I scream, yell, stamp my feet, point and gesture with my bent and injured limbs (oh, you have experienced) as I holler out as loud as I can to attempt to get their distracted attentions doing exactly as I’ve described here in these pages: “you are all going to die!” (terrorist)? “Stop!” (Panhandler)? “Pull over!” (Crazy hitchhiker)!

There has been an avalanche around the bend here in the road you are driving at breakneck speed on your way as I fully understand and sympathize with all your concerns and attachments to your selfish destinations, goals, country drive on a sunny summer’s day or on your way to have a much deserved picnic or retreat to the park forest meadow glens to relax after going to work hard all day and week for minimum wages etc…………. (Newt Gingrich)


“These politicians sure are getting desperate for notes”

“There are some cameras?!” “Look Maltida?” Allen Funt may be nearby from “candidate” “Kodak cameras?” “We all get the picture: (Kodak moments?)

“But excuse me” “Mom?” “Sir?” busy business person etc. “I’m trying to warn everyone regardless of who they may be for your own benefit?”

“We don’t need or want your help or advice. We don’t pander to panhandlers, we don’t pick up hitchhikers, we are going to call the police in case you are a terrorist or road rage advocate !”

Bum! Terrorist! Madman! Drunkard!“Alien farm worker?” “Get a job!” (Good luck!)

(Someone else offers me some good advice)

They all of course ignore the crazy madman, hitchhiker, terrorist,, bum, drunkard, alien farm worker!

Sound familiar? “We all get the picture, just as they don’t. It all depends on which side of the political party you all are currently looking over the fence.

“How can we divide up the loot honestly??” Where is the question of honesty amongst thieves??” And we would have to all agree that we would be acting the same “human” way, jumping to conclusions with a poor fund of evidence and thereby honest knowledge?

As I’m writing these statements I’m seeing why such responses appear in the minds of such pent up unfulfilled lives of empty puppet string robotic meaningless pathetic goal less dull headed actors on a stage wearing the masks given to them to fulfill the characters they are paid to pretend to be, for simply a pay check to go home and then perform a rerun encore of the same drama, pretending to be someone they are not in reality.

We have become these people behind these wheels, masks, and window shields suffering our true selves.

2nd of 2


My story develops as I arrive finally to the top of the deep cliff from which I’ve plundered down after the landslide avalanche?

Injured severely but alive, my concerns and hope are to warn the morning vehicles on the roadway who are at any minute going to begin arriving after I arrived very early to avoid the rush hour traffic. Recap*

I was able to finally stand on the edge of the roadway and begin waving my arm with great difficulty due to my injuries.

I of course tried to shout as loud as I was able, even as my ribs hurt to do so? The on-coming traffic only just began to arrive as it was early in the morning. Recap*

*Recap: allow me to just step back for a moment. Thoughts arise in our minds from memory or our brain substance, such as just now an idea as quite often is in my case, by which I’m wondering exactly where such ideas or thought arrive from.

I am picturing the oncoming traffic here in my story. We have often times confronted people telling life stories of how they some how are “other” did not board a certain doomed airplane.

In this light lets picture on a very broad scale the phenomenon of all the objectives derived for such behavior or non behavior which saves someone’s life or as the other hand signed their death warrants so to speak…. Fate destiny the “K” word… Karma, pre-destined, foresight, hindsight, self-evident etc.

I mean to suggest here, the baggage one brings to the table (for example the classic case: why is one person born in America (with) all it’s self evident demoralizing, in the face of its democracy?

2nd of 2.5

Turn the globe of the world’s earth on its polestar or table mount and we find so many places of less likely (fortune) opportunities, in the one case of viewing the world as a place for enjoying the view and squeezing out as much pleasure or fortune hunting as possible.

On the other fated destined karmic pre-destined foresight, hindsight self-evident grim reality, we find someone born in India… the picture of contradictions! One person is born in America the Beautiful to a crack cocaine teen mother, while the opposite “yin yang” coin toss of lucky breaks “finds someone “born” to a village king Maharaja Nanda or rather is freed not from the womb if his mother Devaki but freed from the prison house of Kamsa and carried by his father Vasudeva across Yamuna river to the simultaneous birth hut chamber where Mother Yasoda (Devaki) also just gave birth to Lady Subhadra who Krsna’s father Vasudeva switched the female child with the male child “Krsna” as ordered by Lord Sri Visnu, who appeared in the prison house to foretell the fated destined foresight fulfillment of the oracle prediction to Kamsa who heard in foresight the self-evident hindsight of grim reality that: “the eight child of Devaki will kill you:. 5000 years ago

You are such a fool Kamsa that as you are driving the marriage chariot for King Vasudeva and Queen Devaki you do not know your fate, already forecast by Yamaraja Dharmaraja the lord of the science of Destiny… Providence

The rest is history.

Why, once must ask, are we born in the first place, and why are these specific people driving their families down a doomed path, and I’m warning!


The entire human population is categorically engaged in assisting one another in encouraging, implementing, fostering, competing etc. in various ways to hide reality by the products, objects, ideas, they sell, buy, create, invent, produce in factories, advertise on bill boards, screens, virtual reality, iPhones, emails, internet, eBay, wicky links, or twitter computer, mouth to mouth text messages, must I go on for ten hours of days with the means and ways to remove and cover up (with cosmetics as liposuction transplants) all truth and reality?

May I ask the humble question: Why? Where is the support and encouragement for the university of common sense and self-realization or reality retreat centers for the production of healthy minds and souls- (who require to utilize sane sober intelligence, advice and encouragement to free ourselves) –from the only, seemingly alternative I’ve listed above here in these, pages… Non-existent! ?

Don’t think I’m fully aware of the fact that this antediluvian (out-dated) is the exact very reason and also obvious, intimidating, honest, pure, bold, brave, purpose and surely the cause to all such struggling , suffering, attempts to eliminate and forget, by any means necessary, whether through intoxication, drugs, over or under the counter, sexual distraction devices as trillion dollar business in and of its self, anger, denial, dismissive, greed, illusion, hallucination, dreaming, sleep, envy, pride, please add all the personal admissions and various other means I’ve apologetically left out.

Swimming in an ocean of books, ideas, theories, beliefs, religions, symantics, paradigms, illusions of grandeur is it any wonder everyone is an expert “and authority” on “how to” do it yourself volumes of literature most are drowning in flabby verbosity, up to their yin and yang necks.

Under these bright lights in everyone’s eyes, stunned as if deer crossing the country winding road in the wilderness of crowds of over populated ants on a log that’s burning at both ends, we continue our story, as I all but frantically do my utmost best, under the above and presently daunting circumstances to alert the oncoming motorists with grandiose gestures of vocal variety learned in my Toastmasters international speech craft lessons, which they promised would be effective communication skills when under pressure, before any hostile audience of unforgiving people, all but impossible to offer any satisfied enjoyment or gain any sympathy for my honest sincere intentions in communicating my most likely boring uneventful message?

My message was thus understood to be just such paralyzing road kill flashing headlights in the dears eyes mesmerizing with so much verbiage and unconcerned annoying interruptive nonsense and trivial to their needs and fleeting attention like the doe and her fawns stepping in slow motion camera Kodak flash picture frame attention.

I thus attempted the impossible in trying to attract anyone’s attention away from their very busy schedules and impatient drive to their destination and goals? Correct? Do you follow? One’s mind maybe his best friend of worst – enemy.


Surely, if indeed it’s true that we are the ones in these comfortable shoes and vehicles, employed and thus able to keep up appearances as I’ve given here in full detailed description, then we are only fooling our own selves, as we see clearly in these over drawn accounts of hiding behind the curtains of grim reality.

Behind the closed doors of deception while enabling one another, thusly by each and every choreographed move, word, action, thought, plan, “eye brow tentative nervous lift acknowledgement assurance of enabling”. I’m with you silent invisible sign(sigh): all is normal, cool, fine, how are you?”

But I did not have time to put on airs or these masks to disarm the oncoming passengers and motorist drivers to meet or face up to their tests?

They were caught in the head lights of fate and destiny! Their minds were always making a comment, “ Don’t let down your guard, mask and spoil the illusion of the water in the desert, where ‘your deer’ is running to quench his soul’s thirst for some peaceful rest and relief from the hot dry dusty air of the arrogant putting on the clowns big red nose they gave me ( a honk from their blaring horns) from their shielded vehicles as they passed by.

All due to the shallow water in the pool everyone is driving right into by following right ‘safely’ behind the person in front of them all going over the avalanched road way.

One honest well intentioned man did stop his car as if I indeed was a traffic patrol on signal road yellow red garbed ‘stop’ sign ‘caution’ employee? His young passenger was impressed: He thought to himself, “Just see how powerful this man is who simply by putting up his hand in the air, my father


“You should always remember that the Spiritual Master is the representative of God and should be given the respect of God but that doesn’t mean that he is God Himself! …Srila Prabhupada “

had to stop his car! Rather, the police or traffic man or even woman dressed in the yellow red vested uniform is only powerful due to whom they represent ; the city or government municipality of which they represent? The employer of which they are employed for minimum wages!

So also things are not always as they seem. Meanings and gestures can or may be misjudged as the remote control agents of the Supreme Personality of controlling nature such as fate and destiny.

Often times, due to a poor fund of knowledge some foolish immature people worship the Supreme Lord Krsna’s agents for personal gain; Earth worshipers, Goddess of wealth ( Laxmi) or Vivasvan ( Surya) as the sun as the Egyptians did.

The father who stopped his car for the fool who held up his hand to stop the traffic and save the lives of anyone who heeded my warning was ‘not’ so foolish to believe such nonsense!

Rather he stopped his vehicle and rolled down his window to represent the whole community a “very good citizen’ not about to allow terrorists , riff raff hitchhikers, farm illegal aliens and the like get away without his well-intentioned advise and much needed chastisements and questioning on behalf of all the honest normal law abiding citizens from the sane educated ( hip to all such abnormalities ) which intelligent informed people, who work for a living ( if they could only find employment ) like the mule who also carries the work load ‘ like a man’ hauling tons of heavy wet clothes for the wages of a lump of grass or minimum wages from the boss!

5   The karmis are called müdhas, asses. The ass works hard for the washer man, and the washer man gives him a morsel of grass and he thinks, “I am happy.” This is ass mentality. He has worked very hard, but getting that little bunch of grass. He can get it anywhere, but he thinks that “This washer man gives it. Therefore I have to work…” Or he does not know that “I’m working for it.” This is ass mentality.   Quote by Srila Prabhupada.

Even though grass can be had everywhere all along the pathway, free for the taking, by only simply bowing down one’s mule neck and rest.

That is if one could only remove the mule’s blinders and ignorance past the tunnel vision of the mule, and his boss as well, who collects all the profits!

The father offered his agitated complaints and questions as follows:

“Why are you blocking my advancement?”

“My dear ignorant annoying disruptive person! I struggled as what to say as I was fully informed of the oncoming traffic’s mental state of mind and personal agendas for squeezing out as much juice from the world of: I dominate over you and you try to otherwise dominate over me (paradigm symantics)!

So, I took shelter of a higher source of energy by surrendering my own personal weaknesses by expressing the elements of tolerance and patience in my mind, while in my spirit I realized my efforts were all going to be accepted as if I was attempting to free the trapped and frightened wild animal believing me to be the enemy and direct cause of their pain and all such misunderstood communications.

Therefore my blank mind suggested the following epistemology shoot in the dark.” I said,     “Hare Kṛṣṇa?” Hmm…..Was that a mistake?! Suddenly I was under the impression that may be this approach may please Kṛṣṇa and all the devotees from time immemorial, but was this approach selfish due to subtly trying to receive the blessings of the gods of sanity and common sense, while such foreign elements were way out of style and modernity, for the likes of my present audience?

5.5   People will not be able to understand. Krsna says, sarva-dharmän parityajya mäm ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]. This simple fact cannot be understood by any man who has not undergone some austerities, penances, and who has not become a devotee. It is not possible. Therefore Krsna is warning: “Don’t speak to these nonsense. They will not understand.” But devotee of Krsna tries to make them devotee……..Srila Prabhupada Quote

“Please my dear sir as you suggest, I’m taking your shelter. May I agree with you with all respect, I’m asking for your humble service.” May I please don’t mind (me interrupting you) allow me to inform you that you are simply ‘advancing’ toward death! “ If you go any further in this doomed direction?”

Big mistake? He most likely translated my ‘epilogue’ as attacking his materialistic way of life attempting to enjoy mundane pleasures of the cats and dogs, mules and camels!

He was 100% correct! But I was trying my best to follow the etiquette of the masses as they then accused me of violating their space of dominating entitlement (just see the fun).

The road upon which you have chosen to drive your vehicle and take shelter has all but since avalanched over the cliff which I have evidence and full knowledge and personal experience of the dangerous pathway you are embarking and transportation wise transversing.

Please, I dare suggest to you (you know better than I ) and my diplomatic purpose here if you are to survive with your family and care to live to tell the story, do not go any further in this doomed direction which I have taken and suffered and struggled to tell you the tale and consequences; (my hands are in yours)? The decision is now in your hands!

“Oh you have experienced?”   Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acarya (teacher) ISKCON


Coroner: Cause of death of all vehicle drivers and passengers was determined to be Death.

By jumping to conclusions with a poor fund of knowledge, humility, intelligence, foresight, patience, respect for others etc.

(hindsight, blind-sight, pre-destined ,self-evident fate destiny)

Dennis Law

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