Croatia, Zagreb Prison Nov 20, 2014

The program named “Ancient Wisdom of India was held at 12:30 in a suitable room for receiving visitors. The Corrections officers were friendly and curious when we entered. Mirko, the head of the department for inmate treatment, expressed the possibilities of holding regular workshops for the inmates and holding a concert for all the inmates. Devotees Vedran and Kristijan participated in the program, and were very enthusiastic and want to continue participating in preaching activities in prisons.

Eleven inmates, one corrections officer, and the head of the department for inmate treatment attended the program. After an introductory presentation of ISKCON and our service, we began bhajans which the inmates accepted joyfully.

Accepting the inmates’ suggestion, we talked about topics such as addiction, attraction and love. Several of the inmates eagerly participated, asking questions, commenting and expressing their opinions, while others occasionally spoke.

As we were leaving the building, members of prison staff asked us to sing for them, we did, some of them even danced.

Mahasimha Prabhu, thank you and your spiritual master Candramauli Swami for this opportunity to serve in Srila Prabhupada`s and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission! I hope to get this honor again, by your mercy!

Your servant Ajitananda das

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