Osijek Croatia Jan. 27th, 2015

The one hour program began at 1PM attended by Vrsabha Prabhu, Adinath Prabhu, Ista-dayi Prabhu and Bhaktin Anamarija Majksner.

Eleven inmates, two correctional officers, and a counselor were present. The program consisted of bhajans and a lecture given by Vrsabha Prabhu.

He first introduced us to the inmates and explained the meaning of maha-mantra, followed by bhajans and lecture. The Bhajans went for about ten minutes, the lecture the remaining time.

The topic of the lecture was reincarnation. Vrsabha Prabhu spoke about karma and false identification. He said everything we do comes back to us, and that children born retarded, in poor families, or to drug-addicted parents were accorded their karma from past lives. False identification is identifying ourselves according to body, nation, religion, gender etc.

Vrsabha explained the difference between spirituality and religion, between spiritual people and religious people. After the lecture, one of the inmates asked whether the Vedic scriptures were now available to people. The audience listened carefully and at the end we gave “The Definitive Guide on Practicing Krsna Consciousness in Prison” by Tirtha das to those who were interested. One of the officers asked us for contact information so he could come to our center. Everybody was satisfied with the program and judging by their response, they got more than they had expected.

Bh. Anamarija Majksner

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