Remand Prison Varaždin Croatia, Wednesday, December 11. 2013

Attendance: 3 inmates

Mahatma Prabhu and I headed out for a program in Varaždin’s Remand prison. In this prison it’s always very hard to tell who will attend the program. Mainly, the inmates that come are roaming Gypsies. However, sometimes it happens that somebody who knows something about spirituality and wants to know more comes. Three inmates came. One of them had come some time ago, the others came for the first time.

It’s was interesting to see how they responded to the questions. When I asked them if they are happy they nodded their heads and said they are. All their answers were positive. However, again asking them the same questions, with some sub-questions, they changed their answers a bit. For example, they said they are not always happy.

The lecture was titled: ” Who is the source of everything?”

I spoke about Krishna and His energies, both spiritual and material energy. I said that by exploiting the lower energy of the Lord we forget our spiritual position. At the end they said: we are still young!

I sensed them carefully listening during the Bhajans fortunately, we were able to offer them Krsna’s Holy Name in the form of Bhajan. We ended in the same way we started, with bhajans, during which one inmate burst out in laughter. He was uncontrollably happy.

The Lord is very merciful and wants His Holy Name to spread all over the world, even in this remote jail in Varaždin Croatia.

Harinam Sankirtan Ki, Jaya!

Your servant Dharma-vatsalah Das

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