Croatia Bjelovar Prison April 17 2019

In the last few months (nearly a year) the preaching program in the Bjelovar Prison has almost stopped. There would be no one submit, occasionally someone, two or three very rarely. But this time, by Krishna’s mercy there were nine inmates. Some of them were in Osijek on such a program and they were surprised to see that I came alone, with guitar. I gave them cards with maha-mantra and we started singing. It was wonderful and funny at the same time to see how they are trying to pronounce the maha-mantra reading from the card. After several repetitions they caught the rhythm and sang. We all sang together. Even the manager was trying. In the end they were very pleased. We shared another Bhajan and then I presented them the philosophy of Krishna consciousness for 30-40 minutes. They were very interested, asked questions and stated their individual beliefs. In the end I shared the books and asked them to come to the next program.