” They live in jails. In a place where maintaining one’s own sanity is tough, inmates are maintaining a lifestyle of regulation and peace. That is powerful; that is the mercy of Gaura Nitai.”
— HH Candramauli Swami 27/03/2013

Holy Jail

holy jail book coverHoly Jail is a touching compilation of the activities of ISKCON Prison Ministries (IPM) by His Holiness Candramauli Swami. In over thirty years of operation, the lives of hundreds of inmates have changed due to the practice of Krishna consciousness and the support received by devotees.

The prisoners very beautifully, and with great depth, express how they came to Krishna through the help of ISKCON Prison Ministries and how their lives have been changed for the better through the love and care showered upon them by IPM team.

There are also wonderful memories of those great devotees who have served with ISKCON Prison Ministries and sadly left their material bodies to continue their eternal service. You’ll also find anecdotes, a history of the Prison Ministries, letters, art, poetry from prisoners, as well as their Vyasa-puja offerings to Srila Prabhupada—an uplifting read.


“Thank you for giving the pleasure to our hearts by deciding to visit us. Thank you for writing Holy jail, I’m just reading it and crying.”
— Sundarananda dasa Temple President Zagreb,Croatia

“I found Holy Jail to be deeply inspiring and informative, particularly the stories about the prisoners and how they have become devotees. You could print many books on the lives of devotees who have been transformed by the Prison Ministry efforts. It also inspires the devotees to take risks in preaching. It would be a valuable addition to Krishna conscious literature!”
— Daivi Sakti devi dasi(ACBSP)

“Oh, the book…oh my. Maharaja, I never thought anything this nice would be produced. For me the book is a dream come true…everything I hoped it would be and more and I think it’s impact will be significant and long-term.
Maybe we can do a book of inmate stories- How I Came To Krsna- from devotees around the world. I’d read it!
What a movement we’ve got here. Every town and village.”
— Candrasekhara dasa(ACBSP)

“Holy Jail. What a fantastic book! I had no idea it was going to be such a professional production – hardback with photos, color illustrations etc. Very impressive.“
— Srutadeva das(ACBSP)

“I just wanted to let you know that last Friday I presented His Holiness Jayapataka Swami with the first copy of ‘Holy Jail.’

The presentation of “Holy Jail” took place in the sanyasa quarters of New Dwarka. Roughly 15 devotees were physically present. Unknown to me, the presentation was broadcast over the internet and several devotees approached me afterwards to say that they saw me presenting the book online.

I read aloud the dedication to Jayapataka Swami found at the beginning of ‘Holy Jail,’ at which point all the devotees present loudly said ‘Jaya’ and ‘Haribol!’ Jayapataka Swami responded by exclaiming ‘Candramauli Swami kijaya!’

About a month earlier I had met with Jayapataka Swami and he spoke with me about the prison preaching that was taking place in India. It was getting late and his servants were urging devotees to leave. They even began flicking the lights on and off. But Jayapataka Swami was so enthusiastic about prison preaching that he continued to speak with me, even as his servants were literally dragging him off to bed!”

— Bhakta David Ehler on presenting ‘Holy Jail’ to HH Jayapataka Swami

100 Monkeyz

100 monkeys

“100 Monkeyz” is a memoir of intrigue and adventure to include excerpts from his perilous childhood and experiences during the Viet Nam war. It is an emotional, hard-hitting book that reveals the innermost character of someone coming to Krsna consciousness despite innumerable obstacles.

“100 Monkeyz” must be understood within the context of its times, the 1960’s, when duty often conflicted with conscience and truth was found to be a refugee from reality.

Drescher takes a no-holds-barred look at the causes of the alienation of modern man, the social conditioning and the violence that pervades our contemporary culture. For it is by understanding the root causes of our action, karma, that we transcend the limitations of that action. The author of examines his own PTSD as it works itself out in the setting of a maximum security prison, where this book was written. “100 Monkeyz” is an internal gut check of a man doing a long stretch in prison for crimes he freely admits committing.