Croatia- Požega, 23rd April, 2019

I delivered a 60-minute lecture to seven female inmates and two guards. The official title of the topic was “How to overcome stress and bad thoughts”. I took a chance and spoke extensively on reincarnation. The inmates appeared to be very vigilant and inquisitive. Each of them was given a book. Three copies of “Life comes from life”, three copies of “Meetings” (an interview with HH. Bir-Krishna Maharaja) and one copy of “On the way to the truth”.

Croatia Bjelovar Prison April 17 2019

In the last few months (nearly a year) the preaching program in the Bjelovar Prison has almost stopped. There would be no one submit, occasionally someone, two or three very rarely. But this time, by Krishna’s mercy there were nine inmates. Some of them were in Osijek on such a program and they were surprised to see that I came alone, with guitar. I gave them cards with maha-mantra and we started singing. It was wonderful and funny at the same time to see how they are trying to pronounce the maha-mantra reading from the card. After several repetitions they caught the rhythm and sang. We all sang together. Even the manager was trying. In the end they were very pleased. We shared another Bhajan and then I presented them the philosophy of Krishna consciousness for 30-40 minutes. They were very interested, asked questions and stated their individual beliefs. In the end I shared the books and asked them to come to the next program.

Glina prison, Croatia, 23.4.2019., 14 – 15:30h


  • ISKCON delegation:
    • Adhata
    • Arian
    • Roberto
  • Others
    • 3 inmates


Karatals, Mrdanga, Harmonium, books by Srila Prabhupada, Maha Mantra cards, CD with Kirtan


3 Aspects of the Absolute Truth


The ISKCON delegation dressed in Vaishnava cloth came on time to the program. Prison staff by the name Dalibor escorted us to the venue.

The program is being held in a large classroom where 3 inmates were waiting. There were 2 regulars and one new inmate that came last time when Srila Prabhupada film was played . The prison guard was surprised how little inmates came, as there is a big interest for other programs. The chairs were put in circle the prison staff sat with us. 

Roberto was the MC. He greeted everyone and introduced the delegates and the subject of discussion. The kirtana was longer this time, giving the inmates more of the Holy Name. Kirtan ended and Adhata began speaking on the subject matter referring to Srimad Bhagavatam verses and purports that he prepared. The new inmate expressed doubts of everything that was said. Most of the time we were speaking on existence of God which was not the chosen topic. The MC  co-ordinated the discussion to give space to the new inmate, in this way raise his interest for coming back when more advance devotees would come and speak. At one point even the Prison staff jumped in the discussion giving arguments of existence of God.

The presentation went on for some time and we closed the program with kirtan led by Roberto. After the kritan, the two remaining inmates took some books, especially the new one that was satisfied with the discussion and said he doesn’t disagree what we are saying, he is open for everything but needs someone that could convince him of the philosophy.

We exchange some good words with prison staff agreeing on the existence of The Supreme Personality of Godhead and how it is important to understand the philosophy. After reflecting what happened, we understood that we can always expect new inmates in the program which will change the subject. As we want to motivate new and regular inmates to come, we suggested dividing the group to new and regular so that one can speak on the basics and other more deeply about Krishna consciousness..

On the way back, devotees stopped at the local river bank to rest and take prasadam.  Unexpectedly they met one famous actor with his friend who invited the devotees to associate. After speaking about philosophy they participated in the kirtan and in the end took 2 books from Srila Prabhupada. We took photos.

We are coming next month.

Jai, Srila Prabhupada!


  • 3 inmates participating in the discussion and kirtan
  • 1 famous actor got association of devotees, participated in the kirtana and took Srila Prabhupada’s books
  • 6 books were distributed


  • Come with 2 or more speakers that can speak separately to new and regular inmates on the subject of Krishna consciousness

Lepoglava, Croatia September 24, 2014


Yet another in a series of jail programs in Lepoglava, which has been going on for over a year, took place on September 24th. HH Candramauli Swami, Raghunath Prabhu, Dharma-vatsalah Prabhu, Mahatma Prabhu, Bh. Sasha and I were present.

At the prison entrance, a police officer hastily searched our belongings. We were then escorted through a long series of doors, corridors and courtyards until finally we reached a seemingly well-protected building and a small room where the program was to be held.

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Remand Prison Varaždin Croatia, Wednesday, December 11. 2013

Attendance: 3 inmates

Mahatma Prabhu and I headed out for a program in Varaždin’s Remand prison. In this prison it’s always very hard to tell who will attend the program. Mainly, the inmates that come are roaming Gypsies. However, sometimes it happens that somebody who knows something about spirituality and wants to know more comes. Three inmates came. One of them had come some time ago, the others came for the first time.

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Osijek Croatia Jan. 27th, 2015

The one hour program began at 1PM attended by Vrsabha Prabhu, Adinath Prabhu, Ista-dayi Prabhu and Bhaktin Anamarija Majksner.

Eleven inmates, two correctional officers, and a counselor were present. The program consisted of bhajans and a lecture given by Vrsabha Prabhu.

He first introduced us to the inmates and explained the meaning of maha-mantra, followed by bhajans and lecture. The Bhajans went for about ten minutes, the lecture the remaining time.

The topic of the lecture was reincarnation. Vrsabha Prabhu spoke about karma and false identification. He said everything we do comes back to us, and that children born retarded, in poor families, or to drug-addicted parents were accorded their karma from past lives. False identification is identifying ourselves according to body, nation, religion, gender etc.

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Prision Preaching in Chile

Hare Krishna Dear Candramauli Swami Maharaja.

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!.

I hope you are fine in every way. I wish you a very happy 2015.

I’m always thinking of you and always remember your instruction to do programs in Chilean prisons.

I am writing to you because yesterday we had a very nice preaching program in the prison for women in San Miguel, Santiago Chile. This program was attended by 22 devotees and more than 100 prisoners, besides the guards and members of the police.

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Croatia, Zagreb Prison Nov 20, 2014

The program named “Ancient Wisdom of India was held at 12:30 in a suitable room for receiving visitors. The Corrections officers were friendly and curious when we entered. Mirko, the head of the department for inmate treatment, expressed the possibilities of holding regular workshops for the inmates and holding a concert for all the inmates. Devotees Vedran and Kristijan participated in the program, and were very enthusiastic and want to continue participating in preaching activities in prisons.

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Prison Program Glina Croatia, Sept 17th 2014

Maha Jvala das
Bh. Hrvoje Klauček
Vaikuntha Murti dasTwo inmates were present along with Tarana Caitanya Prabhu. We began by chanting the

Two inmates were present along with Tarana Caitanya Prabhu. We began by chanting the maha-mantra with harmonium, karatalas and a mridanga. I then spoke about the superficiality in which people’s lives are engrossed and the depth of Reality, equality on the level of the soul, and more. We distributed two books to each of the inmates: Sri Isopanisad and A Second Chance.

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Penitentiary in Glina; August 26, 2014


HH Candramauli Swami, Raghunath Prabhu, Bhakta Domagoj and I made up a small group of devotees who visited Glina Penitentiary.Yet another in a series of jail programs, very nicely organized by Mahasimha Prabhu,head of the Prison Preaching Programs in Croatia. We met at the foot of the high and massive prison walls, which seemingly separates the “free” from the “confined”.

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