Croatia, Zagreb Prison Nov 20, 2014

The program named “Ancient Wisdom of India was held at 12:30 in a suitable room for receiving visitors. The Corrections officers were friendly and curious when we entered. Mirko, the head of the department for inmate treatment, expressed the possibilities of holding regular workshops for the inmates and holding a concert for all the inmates. Devotees Vedran and Kristijan participated in the program, and were very enthusiastic and want to continue participating in preaching activities in prisons.

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Prison Program Glina Croatia, Sept 17th 2014

Maha Jvala das
Bh. Hrvoje Klauček
Vaikuntha Murti dasTwo inmates were present along with Tarana Caitanya Prabhu. We began by chanting the

Two inmates were present along with Tarana Caitanya Prabhu. We began by chanting the maha-mantra with harmonium, karatalas and a mridanga. I then spoke about the superficiality in which people’s lives are engrossed and the depth of Reality, equality on the level of the soul, and more. We distributed two books to each of the inmates: Sri Isopanisad and A Second Chance.

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Penitentiary in Glina; August 26, 2014


HH Candramauli Swami, Raghunath Prabhu, Bhakta Domagoj and I made up a small group of devotees who visited Glina Penitentiary.Yet another in a series of jail programs, very nicely organized by Mahasimha Prabhu,head of the Prison Preaching Programs in Croatia. We met at the foot of the high and massive prison walls, which seemingly separates the “free” from the “confined”.

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Osejik Prison, Croatia July 2014

Somewhere in the middle of the lecture Smita Krsna Maharaj called the inmate’s attention to the fact that they could contact us about spirituality and that we could visit them again if they would like that. I think that almost everyone present exclaimed unexpectedly and with joy that they would. Their caretaker, Mrs.  Danira, got up, stood in the middle, in front of Maharaj, facing us and, with great enthusiasm and  smile, confirmed that this would be desirable and nice.

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Zadar Prison June 10th, 2014. First program

We arrived at the prison according to plan. H.H. Smita Krishna Maharaja, Sudevi dasi Marunda dasi and I (Yours truly Vrsabha das). The first thrill was at the reception when the doorwoman complimented our ladies for being wonderfully and elegantly dressed. On the third floor we were welcomed by another doorman who was thrilled by our visit. He told us that he had to stay at the reception desk, but he wanted some contact info because he liked what we talked about. He received my web page and thanked us.

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