Lepoglava Croatia, May 20th 2013

Who would expect rose bushes, flower beds, gentle cats and domesticated pigeons in the prison, the biggest and one of the most revered in the country, built at the beginning of the last century as a fort aimed at keeping wrongdoers away from the rest of the society? However, that is exactly what we ran into during our first visit to Lepoglava, Croatia. And not only that. We met, very kind guards, and a strange notice on the toilet room (“It is forbidden to play music in the toilet“ ) and above all – a devotee! We also found out that the world of restrictions can be conducive for overcoming our own restrictions.

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April 24th Pula Prison

When we came on the seventh consecutive program at Pula prison, five inmates were there (mostly the ones who were regularly attending before), surprised to see only us. “Where is the special guest?” they asked. Now we were the ones to be surprised. There was no special guest scheduled, only the usual crew! Finally we understood they had been waiting for Srila Prabhupada. To announce the program, we made a poster with a photo of Srila Prabhupada in the background so they thought that he would come personally to give a lecture. We had to disappoint them and excuse our Acharya for not attending this program with more than a valid excuse – he has left this world in 1977.

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Remetinec Jail, Croatia 22 May 2013

When a police officer on the Croatian border heard from the devotees headed by Candramauli Maharaja that they are going for prison preaching programs in Lepoglava and Remetinec, they warned them about the later one, considering it more challenging but I never found out why.

It was one of the first hot days this year when Mahasimha and I arrived there at noon, after a hilarious drive in his old Opel. Soon after the rest of the team showed up. Candramauli Maharaja was graciously dressed as always but the garments of others looked more like gopis’ running to the forest after they have heard Krsna’s flute.

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